International, Paccar, Volvo Recall Trucks

Dana is recalling 68 pinion gears, Part Nos. 129737 and 127420, manufactured on December 4, 2007, and assembled into the axle assembly of tandem-rear or single drive axles installed as original equipment for certain International, Paccar, and Volvo heavy trucks.

Wrong induction hardness process settings were used resulting in excessive hardness of the pinion gears. The excessive hardness can potentially result in the threaded end of the pinion breaking off.

This failure could result in the driveshaft disconnecting from the axle, which would cause loss of vehicle power. It is also possible that the driveshaft may separate from the vehicle possibly resulting in a vehicle crash. Dana is working with the vehicle manufacturers to notify owners to have their vehicles repaired. Owners should contact their vehicle manufacturer for more information. 08E-003

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