Peterbilt Recalls Trucks for Door Latch Defect

Trimark is recalling 9,297 single rotor door latches with product date codes R40Z, R41Z, R42Z, R43Z, R44Z, and R45Z, installed for use as original equipment on Peterbilt and Kenworth heavy trucks.

These door latches fail to comply with the transverse pull static load requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 206, “Door Locks and Door Retention Components.” A malfunction in the sintering furnace did not exhaust lubricant which contaminated some parts passing through the furnace.

In the event of a vehicle crash, force could cause the rotor to crack and the door would not have primary or secondary closing security which could possibly lead to injury of the vehicle occupant. Trimark is working with Paccar to notify owners and replace the door latches. Owners should contact their vehicle manufacturers for more information. 08E-002

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