Mercedes Benz ML350 Investigated

Federal safety investigators at the department in charge of vehicle safety recalls, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, have opened a "preliminary evaluation" of consumer complaints about a seat warmer in the 2007 Mercedes Benz ML350 SUV that gets so hot the seat fabric burns. A "preliminary evaluation" is the first step on the road to a safety recall.

Apparently two consumers told NHTSA that the "electric seat warmer burned through the fabric of the of the seat cover and produced a burn hole of approximately 2 to 3 inches in diameter" at the outside edge of the driver's seat. The uncontrolled heating issues resulting in a "smoldering of the seat pad and upholstery," according to investigator's reports and one consumer reported a minor burn as a result of the hot seat warmer.

This is only an early release of information so when more data is available, or a recall occurs, we'll post a follow up report.

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