Tommy, What Are You Doing to Us?

Tommy Lasorda is their advertising rep on their website but, Tommy, what are you doing to us? While touting a quality level that more than one owner has questioned, what Explorer Van Company doesn't tell you (and what Tommy doesn't say either) is how they take away your rights whenever you buy one of their conversion vans.

Their owner manual brags that "you have just purchased the finest quality van on the market" but what they bury in the booklet is more than a little disturbing to some people.

Got a lemon Explorer van? Well, this is one company that is doing its best to make sure you can't do much about it.

Just when you think you've read the whole warranty in the owner manual, if you turn the page you'll find something new. A seperate page in the '06 owner manual (and maybe all of them?) that says when you buy their van, you give up your constitutional right to go to court if something goes wrong.

That's right. It's sort of like "buy our van and lose your rights" folks. How's that for a bargain? There may be a claim of quality in the nuts and bolts, folks, but there's a big screw in the warranty.

We've warned about the pitfalls of binding arbitration before. If enough people complain, maybe one of these days Congress will do something about it. In the meantime, send a message with your purchasing dollar. Friends don't let friends buy anything that requires you to give up your rights.

If you've got a lemon Explorer, a lemon conversion van, a lemon Rv, a lemon motorhome, or any kind of lemon, email or call us 1-888-331-6422 Toll Free. Getting rid of them is what we do. Everyday.

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