Toyota Tundra Recall, Toyota Tacoma Recall

Massive Toyota Floor Mat Recall

Toyota has recalled 3.8 million vehicles in what is the largest recall it has ever done. Apparently floor mats can get jammed at the gas pedal, causing the engine to accelerate uncontrollably, during which the engine can not be shut down.

Do you own one of these potential Toyota lemon cars or trucks or potential Lexus lemons with a deadly defect or dangerous floor mat design?

2007 Tundra
2008 Tundra
2009 Tundra
2010 Tundra
2005 Tacoma
2006 Tacoma
2007 Tacoma
2008 Tacoma
2009 Tacoma
2010 Tacoma

Toyota and Lexus cars are also involved in the floor mat recall, including these models:

2007 Camry
2008 Camry
2009 Camry
2010 Camry
2005 Avalon
2006 Avalon
2007 Avalon
2008 Avalon
2009 Avalon
2010 Avalon
2004 Prius
2005 Prius
2006 Prius
2007 Prius
2008 Prius
2009 Prius
2007 Lexus ES 350
2008 Lexus ES 350
2009 Lexus ES 350
2010 Lexus ES 350
2006 Lexus IS 250
2007 Lexus IS 250
2008 Lexus IS 250
2009 Lexus IS 250
2010 Lexus IS 250
2006 Lexus IS 350
2007 Lexus IS 350
2008 Lexus IS 350
2009 Lexus IS 350
2010 Lexis IS 350

The recall was prompted by years of runaway accelerator complaints and investigations that culminated in the August death of a highway patrolman and 4 passengers in a Lexus being driven by the officer. The passengers called 911 just minutes before their death in a violent 120 mph crash, saying that the accelerator had become stuck and the car would not shut off.

Officials suspect the driver side floor mat became lodged at the gas pedal with the accelerator in a wide open position.

Toyota admits to reports of the problem going back to its 2004 model year Prius. Federal safety officials say they received 102 reports of jammed accelerators in Toyota and Lexus models that resulted in at least 13 crashes and 17 injuries before the August crash that killed the off-duty California Highway Patrol officer.

Toyota reportedly has said that all driver side floor mats should be immediately removed from vehicles and nothing should be used, not even paper mats, until they come up with a solution.

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