Ford recalls over one million F-150 F-250 and Blackwood trucks for falling fuel tank defects - fires and injury reported

Do you own one of these potential lemon Ford F150 trucks?

1997 thru 2004 F-150 trucks
1997 thru 1999 F-250 trucks
2002 Lincoln Blackwood
2003 Lincoln Blackwood

Ford is recalling more than one million of their top selling trucks because straps that hold the fuel tanks on to the vheicles can rust out and let the tanks fall. Going down the highway, that could be catastrophic - a deadly defect.

Bloomberg News and Automotive News reports that Ford has admitted the defect has led to three fires and one injury.

The recalls come after federal safety investigators opened a safety investigation into the defect last year. Results supposedly indicate that the worst problems are in 21 northern US states and the District of Columbia where de-icing chemicals used on roadways can cause metal strap corrosion that can lead to a complete strap failure and the danger of falling gas tanks.

In spite of the deadly nature of the defect, Ford says it will not notify owners of the recalled vehicles for another six weeks, according to Automotive News.

Earlier this year Ford recalled another million F-150 trucks for air bag defects where air bags installed in 2004 and 2005 and 2006 trucks might not deploy when needed in an accident.

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